Shaping Bergen begins its healthy community’s awareness campaign by bringing together students from Bergen County Technical High School-Paramus (BCTS) and students from the Bergen County Special Service School District (BCSS) in a unique charity event. On April 11, 2014, 32 BCTS high school students will partner with students with special needs from the BCSS Bleshman Regional Day School to promote fitness and wellness, while raising funds to support the Dumont ELK’s Camp Moore, a camp for children with special needs.

Members of the County community are invited to pledge donations for Bleshman students, who are participating in a “roll-a-thon” – an event that involves completing a course on bicycles, wheelchairs or other wheeled vehicles. BCTS students will travel alongside and assist Bleshman students in this unique event. Immediately following the “roll-a-thon,” students will play ball and enjoy a range of other outdoor, fitness activities organized by BCTS students. This event helps build special relationships between BCTS and BCSS student communities, while promoting community and public awareness of fitness, healthy and disabilities.

Stay tuned for some pictures from the event!


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