We Help You, You Help Us

What started off as a goal assisting faith-based congregations and communities within the City of Paterson, has sprung into outreach into at least one of our neighboring cities. This past Saturday, we were delighted to host St. Luke’s Baptist Church of Paterson and Wholelife Community Church of Totowa, New Jersey. We presented CATCH-based activities and spoke about the importance of food selection and food timing.

Meeting people from these faith-based communities has also given the YMCA of Paterson the opportunity to connect with individuals with different talents and the opportunity for these talents to be displayed and, in turn, enhance the experience provided at our facility. We met an instructor with years of Mixed Martial Arts experience, visiting us from Wholelife Community Church. Hopefully, this new relationship will introduce a mini, non-contact, martial arts conditioning class to the activities provided on Saturdays.

The connections made during our nutritional and physical activity outreach has helped introduce additional pathways into other communities and among people with different talents. Paterson is excited to see how much more we can help people, just as much as how these people may help us!!!


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