Planning, Partnership & Preparation!

Welcome back! We are so excited to be moving forward with our project to build a walking path at the Salem County Recreation Park, located between Carney’s Point and Oldmans townships.

This past month we have been meeting with our project partners to discuss our time line and plan for introducing the walking path to the community so residents know when it will be available to them. The county park, located on the corner of Perkintown Road and Route 130, currently hosts various athletic fields, and this walking path will expand usage of the recreational area.

Porposed Walking Path

We met with the Salem County Facilities Management office to work out the construction time line, and later this month, we will do a site visit to finalize the walking path location and identify any clean-up and prep work that needs to be done. Facilities Management, which is donating staff time to carry out the project, is scheduled to dig the outline of the path in May and lay the gravel base. By June, the asphalt is scheduled to be laid for the walking path.

We also have been reaching out to our community partners to help us with spreading the word about the path and to plan a grand opening. Preparing for the grand opening will include a park clean-up day, and we will be collaborating with the Penns Grove- Carney’s Point Men’s Softball League and the Little League to help.

Come back and visit our blog next month for updates on the layout of the path and other projects going on with our community partners.


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