UrbanPromise Planting Peas, Radishes & Lettuce

This spring, UrbanPromise Ministries is kicking off a new pilot gardening program in partnership with the Center for Environmental Transformation and NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids-Camden. A monthly workshop will engage students both in the garden and classroom to explore the nature of food. This March was the first session. Led by local educators Lauren Ladov and Toni Farmer (fulfilling her namesake), Ms. Parker’s 6th and 8th grade classes seeded broccoli, kale, watermelon, and cucumbers for their classroom grow lab. Outside, they helped turn the beds in the Wellness Center Garden, planting peas, radishes, and lettuce in 3 out of the 19 plots. Ms. McLaughlin’s 2nd grade got in on the action as well, seeding their own plants for their classroom windowsill and investigating soil’s structure and of course, critters. Both groups discussed the critical potential inside each and every seed, realizing that unlike a banana peel or tennis shoe, seeds have the power to grow!Image


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