Wellness is the New Black

Spring may not have sprung, but the relationship between the Ocean County YMCA (OCYMCA) and St. Aloysius School in Jackson, NJ is budding!   The buzz and the creativity between these two organizations has just begun! The OCYMCA is about creating healthy families, raising awareness about the childhood obesity epidemic and, improving the overall wellness for the community it serves. St. Aloysius School has the same passion and together we know we will make a difference in each of the children and families lives we serve.

We are just in the beginning stages of creating an effective policy that will address the overall health, wellness, nutrition and physical activity of the students and faculty of St. Aloysius School.

The beginning phase of collaboration will begin by implementing the CATCH (Coordinated  Approach to Child Health) curriculum during student gym classes. CATCH is designed to promote physical activity, healthy food choices and prevent tobacco use in school-aged children. CATCH employs a holistic approach to child health promotion by targeting multiple aspects of the school environment in grades K-8. The four core components of CATCH include (1) the Eat Smart nutrition program, (2) physical activity and healthy eating curriculum, (3) the CATCH physical education program, and (4) a family education and involvement program.

The OCYMCA staff will begin training the teachers and staff at St. Aloysius School throughout the next year and will continue to provide support for the school team.  In addition, we will be hosting Family Fun Days for the St. Aloysius families to help engage the entire family in taking strides to their overall family health and wellness.  The approach is fun, engaging, and brings an entire family together, with the goal to increase their physical health and encourage better eating habits.

We have many exciting and creative ideas to keep children moving and bring families together! Stay tuned and keep watching the wellness movement.  The buzz has just begun!


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