Shaping Red Bank

In partnership with the communities that we serve, the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission is committed to ensuring healthy people live in healthy neighborhoods since 1936.

Since 2011, the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission, Borough of Red Bank, the Community YMCA, Shaping Red Bank and the Mayors Wellness Campaign have worked together on childhood obesity prevention and healthy nutrition programs for the residents of Red Bank. In 2013, the coalition worked on placing bike racks in Red Bank and producing a healthy meal choices cookbook in English and Spanish.

We are proposing to expand the community walking paths in Red Bank. We will be working with the Department of Recreation and the Department of Public Works in this expansion. This includes, mapping, signage and route designation.

Secondly, in partnership with the Community YMCA, we propose to work with area merchants and the Soul Kitchen to educate and inform participants/children/families about healthy food choices and offer discounted coupons to participants in exercise classes at the Community YMCA.

Thirdly, Red Bank currently has a privately run and operated Farmer’s Market in the Spring and Fall. We hope to encourage and expand food choices and affordability (healthy foods and vendors willing to accept SNAPS).

Based on the past experiences and working relationships, we are confident that this project will yield yet another successful program in our goal of building and sustaining a healthy community.

CONTACT INFORMATIION: David Henry, Health Officer

Monmouth County Regional Health Commission, 1540 W. Park Avenue, Suite 1, Ocean, NJ 0771Phone: (732) 493-9520 E-mail:


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