Joining Healthy Spirits With Healthy Minds In Paterson

Beginning in March 2014, the YMCA of Paterson will assist faith-based congregations and communities within the City of Paterson in positively changing their perceptions on nutrition and physical activity.  The program will run every Saturday for three hours, with activities including Healthy Eating Workshops, Coordinated Approach To Child Health (CATCH) participation, and aquatics and general fitness programs.

We have partnered with local community organizations such as Shoprite, the Paterson Health Department, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, and City Green in order to provide healthy eating workshops on a monthly basis.  The YMCA of Paterson will provide CATCH activities during the second segment of the day to help strengthen the bond between family members as they benefit from fun-filled physical activities.  The final segment will give participants the option to swim, play basketball, or use our fitness center, in order to increase the body’s movement.

According to the CDC website, 60.7% of New Jersey’s population is overweight, while 23.8% is obese.  With much excitement, the YMCA of Paterson is looking forward to work with our partners to introduce information regarding healthier eating habits to the city’s multiple faith-based communities and help increase intensity and duration of physical activity amongst our programs’ participants in order to help combat the obesity epidemic that has hit our community.


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