Happy Hearts!

Complete Streets of Cumberland County is a model that helps to improve the safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, children, older citizens, and non-drivers in the community and to ultimately encourage engaging in more physical activity.  It is the concept that all roadways should be designed, built, and maintained for all travelers. Instead of expanding the streets, we have actually narrowed the streets to not only make safe bike lanes; but to help with speeding issues in the area. photo 3 (15)

By promoting environmental and policy change, we have been able to create these bike lanes around two miles in Center City Vineland thus far. We have hosted many events that encourage the use of these bikes lanes such as Safe Routes to School, Walk or Bike to School Day, and Bike to Work Day.

On February 14th, the Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA’s Healthy Faith Base Champion hosted a Healthy Heart kickoff event for this project.  Selinette Bordoy engaged families to get moving through simple line dances and other party movement games. Selinette Bordoy and Kelly Scheurer instructed the families in a variety of fun crafts and how to make light healthy snacks (instead of traditional candy). Our Faith Base Champion, Selinette, will help to mentor local places of worship in the Vineland area to become healthier by incorporating cooking lessons and promoting movement during photo 1 (18)their practices.

Here are some healthy families in action! We look forward to continuing our community work in the next nine months to create a healthier Vineland.


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