SHAPING Perth Amboy!




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The RARITAN BAY AREA YMCA once again is EXCITED to be part of the SHAPING NJ Initiative. Our focus in the past and for this upcoming year will be:

• A Farmer’s Market- Located prominently at the front of our facility, families of Perth Amboy and surrounding communities have affordable access to healthy, nutritional food options and making the HEALTHY choice an EASY choice. Our Farmer’s Market will start on June 10th and will run every Tuesday from 11am-7pm until October.

• Play Streets- Our goal is to raise awareness of the need for children to be more physically active by providing basketball, soccer, tennis and baseball, obstacle courses and healthy snacks during Play Streets; this will start a journey for kids that can last their entire future. Play Streets will be once a month on Saturday’s from 11am-2pm running through September.

With the support of our partners, Healthfirst NJ, City of Perth Amboy, Perth Amboy Board of Education, Perth Amboy Recreation Department, Perth Amboy Public Works, Raritan Bay Medical Center and Perth Amboy Youth Soccer Association we are able to engage the entire community in new health initiatives.

We are extremely grateful to ShapingNJ, with your help we are gathering to SHAPE Perth Amboy!


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