What’s happening with fun & fitness in Asbury Parks Schools?

The Community YMCA is partnering with the Asbury Park School District and the Department of Health to bring fun and fitness to Asbury students. A team of educational and fitness leaders from the school district, the Y, the Dept. of Health, and the Community, have come together to form Health & Wellness Councils for each school.  The councils will be made up of YMCA Professional Directors, the Physical Education teachers, Principals and numerous educators from each of the schools.  We will be asking representatives from the districts parent committees and the Mayor, or a representative, to join as well.  We have some great new programs coming this Spring to help parents and kids focus on making healthy choices, while getting their daily exercise.   Some of the activities will be hosting are weekly Family Fit Nights, Rollerskating for students grades Pre-K to 2nd during the Physical Education class, and a puppet show on nutrition.  The Y and Department of Health are excited to partner with the school district of Asbury to create a healthy new environment for their students and families.  More to come!


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