North Plainfield SRTS & Shaping NJ Partnership

Stony BrookStony Brook View of existing Playground

North Plainfield Safe Routes to School Committee     March 2014

Welcome our new program partner Shaping NJ!

The North Plainfield Safe Routes to School Committee (NPSRTS) supported by NP Board of Education, NPPTAs, Ridewise, NJDOT and FHWA is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with ShapingNJ, a joint venture of the New Jersey Department of Health and Family Health Initiatives.

ShapingNJ is the state partnership for nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention. The goal of this partnership is to prevent obesity   and improve the health of populations that are at risk for poor health outcomes in New Jersey by making “the healthy choice, the easy choice.” More information on ShapingNJ is available at:

Our Local Program: The Reimagining of Stony Brook Playground

Our partnership agreement with Shaping NJ is designed to improve physical activity and prevent obesity among our children through an expansion of the playground at Stony Brook School. The NPSRTS Committee believes that this project site is highly accessible and provides a safe environment where children will have multiple opportunities for daily physical activity both during and after-school. According to the 2010 Census 24% of our borough population is under the age of 18 years old.

Why Stony Brook Playground?

The Stony Brook Playground on Grove Street, is the most centrally located K-4 elementary school in North Plainfield. The area has high pedestrian traffic, links to all our safe walking routes, and it’s collocated between other recreational facilities at NPHS/MS and Stony Brook Field. In addition, the current playground has space available for expansion, currently has a relatively small amount of recreational equipment, and has a large potential for increased usage.

Program Outline:      

  1. Reimagining the new playground. The NPSRTS Committee will be gathering input from the PTAs, parents, students, and school staff about your ideas for this space. Ridewise will be setting up visits with PTAs to discuss this investment and possible future investments. Students will be encouraged to write and draw pictures of what they would like to see in the new playground space.
  2. Use survey. In March 2014, the NPSRTS Committee will be circulating a travel survey with a special section on recreational use. Your survey responses will help us focus our efforts on your most important travel and recreational needs.
  3. Field Surveys. In the spring, representatives from the NPSRTS Committee will be conducting travel and recreational use inspections. Information gathered through these field visits will be used for baseline data and future investments.
  4. In April, we will posting information on parent, student and staff feedback to this site. Ideas and some design concepts will be shared. In addition, please feel to provide positive comments on the feedback received.
  5. In the spring, we will be holding a ground breaking event at Stony Brook. This site will provide for more information on the actual time and date of the event.
  6. NPSRTS Committee will share final designs and information on the installation timeline for the playground.
  7. Construction photos will also be provided through this site as they become available.
  8. After the installation is fully complete we will hold a ribbon cutting and playground dedication ceremony. Time and date for this event will be posted to this site as the information becomes available.
  9. Lastly, NPSRTS will be conducting an evaluation on the final improvements. We will be conducting field surveys to measure usage and we will also conduct a follow-up survey to gather your feedback and reaction to the project.

The NPSRTS Committee looks forward to working with you on this exciting opportunity for North Plainfield.

James Crane,                                                                                                                 SRTS Coordinator,                                         Ridewise TMA                                                                                                                                      NPSRTS Committee


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