Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA partners with Saint John the Apostle School for a healthier Clark community!

The Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA is excited to partner with Saint John the Apostle School in Clark to combat the childhood obesity epidemic through the implementation of strategies for policy change and to increase physical activity. Together we hope to change the culture of the school by developing internal policies that provide guidance and support in achieving and sustaining that culture.

Our primary goal is to develop a Health and Wellness Committee by teaming up the physical education teacher, school nurse, parent volunteers and Y staff.  The committee’s initial task is to create a Health and Wellness Policy to guide the school towards creating best practices in the areas of health, nutrition and physical activity.

In an effort to promote physical activity, the Y staff will work alongside the school staff and parent volunteers to implement CATCH activities during preschool and kindergarten recess periods.  It is the hope that then these individuals will carry out the training at other the activities in the future.

We are thrilled about the potential impact resulting from the YMCA and Saint John the Apostle School working together.  After meeting with the staff it was evident that they were just as excited to have the support of the YMCA behind them in carrying out these new initiatives and providing new opportunities for the students to be more active and engaged.


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