Plainfield Area YMCA – Community Garden

The Plainfield Area YMCA is committed to educating the community to healthy eating habits and providing healthy foods to children and adults. The YMCA will train and mentor 50 after-school/summer camp participants  to work each week in our community garden. They will also supply food to the local food banks and learn about healthy eating habits. Participants  will have the opportunity to plant, feed, water, maintain and harvest vegetables. They will learn about healthy eating habits through the YMCA Healthy U Program. The YMCA will provide the land, seedlings, garden equipment and adult supervision and student volunteers to aid in instructional session and help maintain the gardens throughout the growing season.


Timeline Community Garden

January: Recruit leadership and volunteers

February: Begin training student volunteers and afterschool participants

March: Purchase all garden equipment

April: Prepare soil for planting. Begin participant education sessions. Begin plantings

May: Begin garden maintenance program

June: First harvest begins, training summer camp participants


Shawn Frazier one of our after-school counselors has agreed to give leadership to the community garden initiative. This year’s program participants and volunteers will plant Tomato, Lettuce, Onion, Carrots.

Shawn Frazier photo



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