Getting Started in Salem County

Hello! Welcome to Salem County’s little slice of ShapingNJ. We are so excited to be working on this project, and we are really looking forward to making some great changes for our community.

Park Baseball Field  First things first — a little overview of what our project will be.  We will be working in a county park that is currently utilized by a Men’s Softball League, the Little League and unofficial soccer games. Although the area is well-used for organized sports, it currently does not offer good options for running, walking or biking. Our project is going to focus on partnering with the great groups who have been investing their time and energy into this space and add the installation of a walking path to the park.

Park Concession StandImproving this existing park that is already utilized for sports will give spectators and others who live nearby another option to be active. The asphalt path will be designed to connect the existing fields, playground and concession stand. This may seem like a very simple change; but, it is an important one for residents of Salem County. While we have thousands of acres of beautiful open space, wildlife preserves, and several large municipal public parks, we do not have a county park system with a variety of options.

For this project, thPark Playgrounde County Health and Human Services Department will work with the County Facilities Department and local organizations to do the work.  The pictures shown were taken on the first warm day in a while but the clouds would not go away. Once the weather clears up after this long, cold winter we will begin the process of updating the park. Stay tuned for updates and more photos of the park as we progress.


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