Paradise Garden

Prodigal Sons & Daughters Redirection Services Inc. is proud to report that because of the generosity of the Shaping NJ mini-grant, we’ve been able to nurture and protect the numerous produce and flowering plants in our former Adopt-a-Lot that we’ve named Paradise Gardens.

With the help of our many volunteers, we’ve been tending the needs of our garden on a weekly basis, and making sure to be diligent to ensure the best quality of the produce we’ve been growing.

Our Master Gardener, Walter Barry logs the most time in Paradise Gardens to help keep our precious plants safe from predators like moths that pose a threat to our lettuce plants. Walter is a bastion of knowledge and he doesn’t keep it locked away for himself. Any volunteer can attest to the amount of insight gained from just a short time of interacting in Paradise Gardens when he’s around. Walter is so devoted to the success of our garden, he avails himself every Sunday from 12 noon on to assist volunteers until they are ready to leave.

He also supervised the restoration of the pond in our garden that provides a place of beauty for our visitors to enjoy. Barry oversaw the project that included the removal of all the stones, the cleaning of the actual pond liner, then the placement of the stones again and finally the addition of mulch around the pond area with new shrubbery.

In case you needed a reminder, we thought we’d mention that the list of yummy veggies growing in our garden includes: red onions, broccoli, yellow squash, romaine lettuce, spinach, beets, cucumber, tomatoes, okra, and asparagus beans.

We also have the following herbs growing in the garden as well: English and lemon thyme, chocolate and pineapple mint, sage, rosemary, parsley,  and finally Greek and Italian oregano.

We wanted to express our immense gratitude for being selected as a community pilot. We’re doing our best to shape the next future of New Jerseyans into their healthiest and best selves possible. Enjoy the photos we’ve included of the pond restoration process, and we hope we’ve inspired you to visit us in Newark to see the beautiful work that we’re committed to seeing through.

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