Principal Vega’s Testimonial about Breakfast-in-the-Classroom at Molina School in Camden

It is no hidden secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thanks to partners and funders from New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids-Camden and ShapingNJ, we begin the morning by providing every student with a healthy, well-balanced breakfast at Rafael Cordero Molina School. Our breakfast program success is attributed to teamwork and consistency displayed by the entire staff at Molina. The lunch aides, teachers, and maintenance staff work effortlessly in delivering, serving and cleaning up after breakfast.

Before Molina adapted the breakfast-in-the classroom program, a meeting with the food service staff was scheduled to explore how the program could be successfully implemented. Once the food service staff and administration were able to delineate procedures and highlight possible obstacles that could affect the implementation of the program, the vision was communicated to the entire staff during a faculty meeting. Questions and concerns were acknowledged and answered to ensure the staff bought into the new initiative. At Molina, staff buy-in is vital as the staff is the driving force of Molina’s mission.

At Molina, the breakfast service is seamless by all involved. Breakfast is delivered to the classroom by 8:15am and ends no later than 8:45 am so that instruction can promptly begin on time. In a snapshot, the breakfast-in-the-classroom program at Molina is successful because everyone is willing to help out where needed. It ensures that students are provided with the necessary nourishment required for a healthy jump-start of the day.


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