Survey Says…Snack Smarter


Hey Smart Snackers,

It’s important to the East Orange YMCA that we change behaviors so communities can live healthier, but in order to do that, we need to know where to start.  Our children are our future and our treasure, so with the permission of their parents, we surveyed some of our After School students.  The survey, results and our next steps are below:

Number of students surveyed: 86


  • Are you hungry when you get off the bus after school?   Yes (74)     No (12)
  • When you are hungry, what do you feel like doing?   No response (2)     Watch TV (35)     Sleep (24)     Be Active (30)
  • Name five fruits and what is your favorite?     While the majority of children could name 5 fruits, most answers were grapes, apples, oranges and bananas.  We will use this information towards a plan to introduce diverse fruits to the children.  This will be a part of the “experiential nutrition learning” component funded by the grant and supported by the volunteer nutritional speakers.
  • Name five vegetables and what is your favorite?  While the majority of the children could name 5 vegetables, most answers were the common corn, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and string beans.  Less green vegetables were noted.  We will use this information to create a plan as we will do with the fruits.  There is an opportunity to offer veggies as a snack option for the children.  This will be a part of the “experiential nutrition learning” component as well.
  • How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat every day?     0-3 (43)     4-6 (16)     7-10 (9)     more than 10 (6)     no response (14).  This is an excellent learning opportunity to teach the children the importance of nutritional information and knowing the difference and importance of understanding things, such as caloric and sodium intake, servings and serving sizes, total fat and carbohydrates and ingredient listings.

As we continue to explore varied tactics to increase our children’s nutritional awareness, we hope to continue to collaborate with their parents, community and partners so all can have the necessary tools and eagerness to live healthier.

The Horizon Foundation Blue Cross Blue Shield’s “Healthy U” initiative to help prevent childhood obesity is just one way we incorporate healthy living into our After School and Preschool Programs.

Here’s to a better you, too!

East Orange YMCA

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