Learning Physical Activity Skills That Work In Home Environments

0501030831The numbers on the left represent laps. A lap for any person may look different than their neighbors, so I asked each participant to determine what a “lap” is according to their own surroundings and or lifestyle.  A lap could be around the house, around the block, to and from the corner etc. The goal is to empower them to have a say about their life and wellness opportunities, and to minimize the opportunity for complaints about time, money or resources.

The numbers on the bottom represent the specific date. The class met on 4/24 and the first day is 4/25.

Hopefully the visual of the graph will keep them accountable (for those that prefer privacy) or encourage those that like and need to see the progress immediately.

I also told them it would be a good idea to write on the page or in their journal about what it felt like to do the laps, and if they were unable to participate on a particular day, to describe why. If they did not increase the number of laps from the previous day, also provide a reason, whether it was a time crunch or lack of motivation. Most importantly, I just ask them to always be honest with themselves.


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