Faith-Based Progress in Trenton

NJPHK-Trenton is happy to announce that Union Baptist Church of Trenton (UBC) will be participating in the Shaping NJ mini-grant church wellness initiative. UBC will be implementing two of the three initiative options. The UBC board put commendable effort into developing ideas that go above and beyond our recommendations for adopting a church wellness policy and conducting walking audits around Monument school.  Volunteers are already being gathered for the latter, and the board’s ideas for the former are very impressive.

UBC will host a Healthy Kickoff Event on May 19th, which will feature the first healthy fellowship breakfast. During this event, members of the Kids Church will be invited to participate in a poster contest to demonstrate their knowledge of nutritious foods and physical activity. A special area of the church bulletin board will be dedicated to wellness and revealed on the 19thas well. Healthy tips and physical activity suggestions will also be featured in weekly bulletins, and on their Facebook page. This will increase exposure to healthy foods and provide congregants with nutritional information that will help them make healthy decisions throughout the week. By modeling wellness, UBC is leading the pack!


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