“Healthy Habits at a Young Age”

M. Ali Shaping NJ

YMCA of Eastern Union County Child Care Program learns about Healthy Nutrition from Michele Ali, MPA, RD, Director Food & Nutrition Services, Trinitas RMC.

Beginning on Tuesday, March 26, staff from Trinitas Regional Medical Center led a nutrition program for 3-5 years old at the YMCA of Eastern Union County Jacobson Center, Elizabeth NJ. Classes are held from 9:00 am – 10:00 am every other Tuesday.

For many of the youth, this class offers first experiences with nutrition concepts. The class is fun, entertaining and informative. The youth discover that fruits and vegetables are not only a healthy food choice, but they actually taste great. By exposing the youth to healthy nutrition we are building a foundation for a healthy adulthood. It is our hope that the children will bring what they have learned home and influence their parents and siblings to make healthy choices at home!

The nutrition program is led by Michelle Ali, MPA, RD Director of Food & Nutrition Services of Trinitas. The classes are interactive, as staff displays various fruits and vegetables, ask questions, then pass around all fruit and vegetables for the youth to see and touch. Each session ends with a large fruit platter for all kids to share, taste and eat.

During the first session, all youth also planted radish seeds! The plants are placed on the window sill for the youth to observe their growth and changes. Once the seeds begin to sprout, the children will take them home and continue to care for their plants and hopefully plant at home.

Trinitas Regional Medical Center received funding support from a Shaping NJ mini grant and is partnering with the YMCA of Eastern Union County, Groundwork Elizabeth, The City of Elizabeth, Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center, Rutgers and Michael Baker Corporation to improve the health and well-being of the residents of the City of Elizabeth.


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