Camden CPTED Moving Forward

Collage PicturesOver 20 community members attended our first CPTED Community Meeting on April 9th. This meeting was held for neighborhoods on the North side of the City. We debriefed the community about our park tour, the assessment we are conducting and goal to gather input from the community. We developed a survey that will be distributed and analyzed by our next community meeting. This survey asks questions regarding the current physical conditions of the park, perceptions and opportunities to incorporate CPTED methods. Our goal is to collect 1000 completed surveys (250 per police district) by the first week of May. Our community partner organization, Camden DCCB, has conducted a light assessment of the parks. This assessment will be incorporated as a component of the CPTED assessment

One of the major takeaways from this meeting was the interest from the community to revisit a stewardship program for each park. One currently exists in North Camden; Friends of Northgate Park, where NJPHK and DCCB are active members. We shared the benefits and commitment needed for a successful stewardship program. More formal discussions will be held with neighborhoods interested and ready to move forward with this component.

Our next meeting will be scheduled in May for neighborhoods on the South side of the City.


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