Springing Forward

On Thursday March 28th, Prodigal Sons & Daughters Redirection Services, Inc.
was happy to collaborate with our friends at Newark Community Solutions to do
maintenance at the site of our community garden.

Director of Prodigal Green Initiative, Walter Barry and Director of Development, Wanda
Upshaw hosted volunteers with light refreshments for an afternoon of removing debris,
readying the earth boxes for seeds, and general maintenance.

PSD was also happy to welcome Jean-Paul Gabriel, Paralegal Specialist for the District
of New Jersey, United States Department of Justice to our clean up session. Jean-Paul
was unfortunately in work attire, but promises to come to our next maintenance session
in clothes that he can get dirty.

While New Jersey is dealing with wacky weather, we have to mention the seedlings that
our Prodigal Progeny have been nurturing are looking great. The herbs planted have
sprouted bright green shoots and their roots have outgrown the seed starter soil they
were planted in.

The next step for the seedlings is to wait until they are stronger and large enough to
be transferred to the garden. In the interim, PSD will have another session wherein the
seedlings will be put into larger containers with Pro-Mix potting soil. In addition to the
seedlings of our children, we’ll be inviting community members to plant their favorite
produce items as well.

PSD would like to thank ShapingNJ for their assistance in the revitalization of this
community garden. We hope that once this garden has been transformed, community
members will feel a sense of ownership in this place that will provide food and beauty.

We look forward to engaging our members in the conversation about how healthy
choices make the difference, and about how we all can take small steps to ensure good health now.

Follow our progress on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more updates.

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