Community Meet and Greet

On March 21st, the Garfield Y hosted a Community Meet and Greet for all the community groups that will be involvedImage in volunteering at the garden. An overwhelming show of support was in attendance from the community which included The Garfield City Health Department, Teen Group known as E.P.I.C., the Girl Scouts, 4-H, high school teachers, preschool directors, parents, and master gardeners.

The vision of the community garden was shared with the group and further dates were shared.

Garden State Urban Farms gave a quick and informational session on the Earthbox system and spoke about the different kinds of crops that can be planted and harvested.

It became evident that the garden will attract all ages and all levels of interest as we progress.

A community wide training event is scheduled for April 8th.

The installation of the boxes is scheduled for April 13th with a partial planting.

The Ribbon Cutting and official opening of the garden is tied into the Y’s Healthy Kid’s Day and invitations are being sent out for a scheduled date of April 27th.

The Y’s Healthy Kid’s Day “ticket” and invitations will be accompanied by a seedling to be planted on April 27th!


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