Prodigal Progeny Gardening 101 Class

On March 14, 2013, Prodigal Sons & Daughters Redirection Services, Inc. (PSD) was proud to host some of our youngest Prodigals at our East Orange office for an informative day of learning. PSD progeny were invited to a session hosted by Walter Barry, Director of the Prodigal Green Initiative on container gardening. Gaylord Hall, Assistant to Barry and our gracious photographer, captured the images of our littlest Prodigals learning how to plant seeds that will later be incorporated into our Paradise Garden site.

PSD believes in setting the foundation for healthy living early, and to this end we had our youngsters planting Sweet Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Oregano and Rosemary. These herbs were given to each participant to take home, and will be nurtured until Paradise Gardens is ready for planting.

Spring is around the corner, and while the weather is not quite as nice as one would hope, we’re looking forward to when the last frost of the season has passed. Once this has occurred PSD will be ready to grow and harvest produce that will be made available to the community at no cost. We’re proud to coordinate this project that will not only beautify our community, but will allow us to further the ideals of our Shaping NJ partners who are dedicated to the promotion of nutrition in the fight to curb the obesity epidemic.

In addition to its practical application, we used the container gardening session as an opportunity to promote education with a quiz that included the names of the herbs and words such as “Plant”, “Seed”, and “Soil”. Wanda Upshaw, Director of Development, reported that most of the children were able to correctly spell a majority of the terms used during the session! As a reward for their hard work, we ended the day with a pizza party.

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