Garfield Partners Meet at New Garden Site

jewel street garden

Partners in the City of Garfield’s F.U.N. (Fitness, Unity, and Nutrition) Coalition pictured at the site of the Shaping NJ Community Garden on February 14th, 2013. The site for the garden has been identified at the Jewel Street Spray park. Partners from The Garfield YMCA, City Health Department, Garfield City Parks and Recreation, Garden State Urban Farms, Rutgers Co-operative Extension, and EarthBox, discussed the lay-out of the garden and then met back at the Garfield YMCA for a demonstration by Molly Phillbin on EarthBox assembly and an overview of the curriculum for preschool, school aged and adult curriculum.

The coalition meeting also included discussion on recruiting community volunteer groups and master gardener coordination for a training date and installation date. Training will happen in March of 2013 and installation will be done in a 2-phase approach. The boxes and layout will be done in phase 1, and seedling will be planted in the boxes at a ribbon cutting of the garden at the YMCA’s Healthy Kid’s Day in April. Some boxes will have seedlings planted during Installation Day with the hopes that fast growing crops may be ready by the Ribbon Cutting and Healthy Kid’s Day.


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