Trenton Partners with the Faith-Based Community

The New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids-Trenton is the proud recipient of the NJ Department of Health’s Shaping NJ mini grant. In Trenton, we plan to use the funds to continue to align our goal of increasing the health and wellness of our children with the mission of other influential stakeholders.

Considering all the factors that contribute to “nearly 1 in 2 Trenton children” being overweight or obese, it is easy to understand why reducing childhood obesity is such a complex issue. Opportunities for exercise, access to nutritious foods, and education surrounding healthy living are all crucial components when creating a healthier community.  The question is– how does one make a significant impact, with a limited budget, in a short amount of time? As we pondered the question, we concluded that one of the back-bones of our community are the the faith based entities.   As each church completes one of the healthy community benchmarks below, we have decided to provide a monetary incentive.

Trenton Strategies

The participating churches will use the funds they receive to reinvest in the communities in which they serve. It does not stop with the churches. We are also partnering with Voorhees Transportation Center and the Greater Mercer TMA, a non-profit, public private partnership dedicated to reducing traffic congestion and improving mobility in and around Mercer and Ocean County, to complete Comprehensive Travel Assessments for three schools, combining expert tools with the community data the churches collect during the walking audits. Travel Assessments, combined with technical assistance from the transportation organizations, may open doors for Trenton to receive infrastructure grants to make the streets safe for schoolchildren, church members, and residents.

For more information on this exciting project, please contact NJPHK Trenton’s Network Assistant, Shannon O’Connor at


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