Community Clean Up

Clean up volunteers

Prodigal Sons & Daughters and Newark Community Solutions Coordinator volunteers discuss strategy.

On Wednesday, February 13, Prodigal Sons & Daughters (PSD) Redirection Services gathered at a vacant community lot in Newark, NJ to prepare for its revitalization.

Walter Barry, a PSD graduate and Director of the Prodigal Green Initiative led a group of volunteers in clearing out the lot purchased through the “Adopt-a-Lot” program. Walter Barry, Wanda Upshaw, PSD Director of Development; and Kelly Mulligan-Brown, Court Operations Coordinator at Newark Community Solutions, along with participants of Newark Community Solutions removed debris, old chairs, rugs etc out of the lot in preparation for Spring planting.

Although there was snow lingering from Winter Storm Nemo on top of the litter, we are preparing to plant a variety of produce that will be available for community members to enjoy at harvest. We are happy to announce that this event is just the beginning of our collaboration with Newark Community Solutions to ready the lot for planting season. PSD members and Newark Community Solutions participants will be collaborating periodically as Spring approaches.

PSD is excited to be selected as one of 18 Community Pilots through the Office of Nutrition and Fitness in the NJ Department of Health that will help promote healthy alternatives in the fight against the obesity epidemic.

If you’d like to keep up with our progress we can be found on Twitter or on Facebook.


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