Making Progress with Vineland Faith-Based Community

As reported from the Healthy Faith Based Champion, Selinette Bordoy:
I have contacted 17 churches and only 3 have been seriously interested. As we had determined during our last office meeting, it is best to have quality instead of quantity. The 4 churches are Living Faith Alliance (consisting of 6 Pastors and multiple Pastorate Leaders), Weselyan Church of Vineland and (3) Seventh Day Adventists (english and spanish) and Rock of Salvation. Each one of these churches are creating nutrition classes and adopting “Wellness Policies”. Currently The Weselyan Church of Vineland will have a kick off event on the 1st Sunday during church service. They intend to have a special preaching that day to start off the new policy. They are looking to start a Garden Ministry and educating the congregation on why it is important to nurture the “body” of Christ. Living Faith Alliance (LFA) is working toward creating a Truth For Living (TFL) Course. TFL is a time where congregants get together with other people to look to God and His word, and if successful can run for 3 or more 6 week sessions. Another area of focus will be restructuring the food “policy” for their Pastorates, which are groups that meet aside from Sunday services to disciple, involving teaching and training, equipping and releasing gifts, prayer, encouragement and accountability along with changing the foods served at Celebrate Recovery, which recognized that Celebrate Recovery is for anyone who desires healing. Sometimes healing from food addictions or stagnation also includes incorporating B&S in Family Ministry among other areas of the church. LFA is looking to start summer camps that are based on the Body & Soul. Needless to say, I am pretty busy with them. As for Seventh Day Adventist, I am working with Sara Roy, their Nutrition Coordinator, and she is still working on developing a team to implement Body & Soul. Rock of Salvation is currently doing a “fast” and Pastor Ocassio feels that this is the perfect opportunity to begin B&S. He is looking forward to a kick-off event very soon. He has a few dates already in place and uses the local spanish radio station for promotions and he works closely with the city and Health Dept.


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